Protecting My Marriage With Boundaries | Part 5

Protecting My Marriage With Boundaries | Part 5

Jul 21

Good Boundaries in the Work Environment

As we have discussed this week, boundaries are something that have to be consistently dialoged about.  We need to be open to talk through the things that make our spouse feel uncomfortable.  Even if they don’t make sense to us, most things will be small things to give up for the sake trust in our relationship.  The work place needs to be a place that we are consistently aware of this.  It is the place, other then home, that we spend most of our time.  Make sure to process through what appropriate boundaries are for dealing with coworkers of the opposite sex.

One of the most important things you can do for your marriage is, not only to have a good defense or boundaries, but a good offence.  Make sure that you are constantly building, putting time and effort into the relationship.  This is a good way to protect either spouse from being vulnerable.  Someone once told me “you never want to send your spouse hungry into a pastry shop.”   This is true of both emotional and physical needs.  Make sure to make your marriage a priority and take the time to set up boundaries to protect it!


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