Sex and Our Kids

Two of the biggest conflict areas in marriage are sex and finances.  It is probably not a coincidence that these are two of the hardest areas to talk to your children about.  So it would stand to reason that if parents focused on training in these areas then it may help to lower future marital conflict for their children.

With the way the media and culture has made sex a constant topic, today’s children are being bombarded with information on sex.  Unfortunately it is not the correct information.  The media would have us believe that casual sex is not only normal but sex outside the boundaries of marriage has no consequences.  And although seemingly better then previous generations, some of today’s parents still feel immobilized at the thought of discussing sex with their children.  The discussion(s) about sex is vitally important for our children’s future and because of this it needs to be an open and consistent topic in our homes.  We will spend this week discussing the how, when and whys of training your children in this area.

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