Leadership Takes Practice

If leadership isn’t all about temperament but a skill to be learned then it like any other skill set takes practice.  It would be ludicrous to hand a five year old a basket ball and send them out on to the court of a high school game and expect them to be able to play.  No if you want your child to play any sport at the high school or college level you spend time when they are young teaching them the game.  You enroll them in city leagues.  You also spend time practicing with them.  But how often do we do this as parents with our teenagers.  We just expect them to be a leader as we throw them onto a high school campus.

We must help them practice leadership.  We must first allow them to make decisions.  Leaders know first how to make the right decision and second know how to believe in that decision so that they won’t cave under pressure.   Leaders have learned how to make the right decision under the pressure of their peers, their impulses and their desires.  They have had practice choosing to make the right decision rather then the easy decision.  (click here for our series on training your child to have impulse control)


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