Leaders Say I’m Sorry

First, we need to be reminded that leaders are thinkers, not reactors. We need to be setting the example for this in our lives. When we are living out our day and something gets under our skin, especially with our children, and we react rather then process through, we need to set the example and apologize.
How humbling in my own life this week when my three year old looks at me and says “mommy, I think you need to calm down.” I was being a little too frenetic dealing with lots of things going on and obviously reacting and not processing. So this mommy had to apologize for her “stinky attitude.”
We need to set the example but we also need to cheer when they show leadership or take initiative. Even if the initiative may not have been right, like my three year old attempting to help mommy and ultimately making a bigger mess. I have a choice to make. I can remember that he is a child and applaud the motive behind his action or I can react, get frustrated and miss my opportunity to cheer on leadership.
Lord, please always help me to remember to cheer!!!

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