Raising a Responsible Citizen | Part 1

Raising a Responsible Citizen | Part 1

Nov 07

What Does It Mean To Be A Responsible Citizen?

Many people like to tout the rights of citizenship and many people go to great lengths to become citizens, but we also must accept the responsibilities of citizenship. We have raised generations since WW 2 who ask themselves, “What’s in it for me?” We need to work to raise a generation that believes they have a
responsibility to “do” for this country. It’s not that I pay taxes so that makes me an entitled Renter of this great country. I pay taxes and that makes me a responsible receiver of the blessing. Why do we only rally when we think we might have something taken away? Why do we only seek God when we fear? God has blessed us with this great privilege called America. We need the perspective that some had to work hard to get here. For those of us who have been given this blessing we need to remember to whom much is given, much is required.

Godly citizenship does not boil down
to your opinion, to what you want, to your party affiliation, your personal sociological perspective, marriage or sexual preference issues or your desire not to offend. Teach your children how to choose issues from what God says. Let’s begin thinking of raising a generation that doesn’t only get a piece of the pie vita generation willing to do their part.

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