Raising a Responsible Citizen | Part 2

Raising a Responsible Citizen | Part 2

Nov 07

Teaching Your Child To Take A Stand

Yesterday, we looked at what a responsible citizen looks like, but what are things that we can do to expose our children to what this actually looks like? The first thing is making the choice to be informed.  Look into and research the issues.  Don’t just take others word for it, find things out for yourself.  This is a great discipline that you can even do with your older child or teen.  Make it a game to see who can become the most informed on an issue.  Then always be sure to take back what you learned and compare it to God’s word, is there anything that scripture says about that particular issue?

The next thing you can do is make the choice to be active.  If there are important issues at hand make sure that you are at the very least setting the example, or including your kids, and writing, calling or emailing your politicians about it.  With the nation seemingly as polarized on beliefs as it is the next step may be difficult, but make the choice to speak up.  We can set the example in choosing to discuss the issues politely.  Make sure that you are setting the example for your child and engaging in an adult-like and Christ-like manner. In today’s culture of attacking each other venomously, observing a healthy discussion can be an invaluable lesson.


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