Being A Godly Citizen Means Being Salt And Light

As a Christian, part of our calling is to be salt and light to those around us.  Salt adds flavor to the environment around it.  Light does several things, illuminate the darkness, give direction, and reveal flaws.  We can see in the Bible how the children of Israel continuously turn away from following God.  He many times has to bring in a judge, prophet or king to remind them of His ways then within a generation it seems they have fallen away again.  We can see this pattern in our nation when you look at how far we have come in only a little over 200 years.

This starts at home.  We must be salt an light in our home then to those around us.  How will our children know how to be to be good citizens unless we teach them? We cannot “subcontract” out our citizenship thinking either I’m too busy or some one else will do it.  Our country has no hope for change unless we are, or raise, the generation to bring about that change.


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