Training up Godly Citizens

There are several things we can do to train our children in this area. We have discussed some ideas in the pervious days of this series. One thing we can do is try to create excitement for our older children. One of the neatest things I have seen so far during this election year is a picture of a family of elementary aged kids on down, all piled in their parents bed having a “debate party.” They were obviously allowed to stay up late and the parents had all kinds of fun snacks available. Talk about creating excitement over something that would otherwise not interest children at all! This not only sets up a fun family experience it creates an environment for discussion. We can then explain to our children and discuss as a family what the candidates are saying. We can also begin to teach discernment by exposing our children to things like the debates.
Another thing that we can do is instill in our children our country’s amazing history. There are so many who have sacrificed so much for our freedom. We can spend time making sure that our children have a sense of everything that has been sacrificed for them. This is a great lead in for this holiday season that is rapidly approaching!

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