Raising a Responsible Citizen | Part 5

Exercising Freedoms With Our Children

There are two very important freedoms that we get to exercise as Americans. The first is the freedom to vote. There are those who are so frustrated with the way things are the they would rather not even exercise this freedom. This is an opportunity to communicate the amazing blessing that this is to our children. There are many who sacrificed everything to gain this freedom and all we have to do us exercise it. If it works, we can even take our children with us to cast our vote to allow them to see the process.
The second awesome freedom we have is the freedom to pray for our country. This religious freedom was the reason the pilgrims sought refuge in a new land. There is nothing more powerful we can do as a family then pray. We must pray for the country, the direction of the country and it leaders who are making the major decisions. How many times do we complain or get frustrated over what is happening today but if we would only turn that energy to prayer. This is an amazing privilege that we can exercise daily with our family!

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