The Difference From Raising Girls

On some levels of society we want to shy away from gender stereotyping but then if you look into the world of toys there are few gender neutral toys. Wandering through the toy section at a Target for example you can see the girl’s isles are an explosion of pink, dress up and dolls of all varieties. The boy’s isles are dark colors cars, trains, super heroes or warriors and Nerf guns. This in and of itself would suggest that boys and girls are different in their tastes. I have had the privilege of working in the residential homes at Sheridan House. The girls homes as a behavioral specialist for almost 10 years and then as a house parent in the boys homes. It was amazing to be able to observe the differences in teens of the same age. The girls were driven mostly by relational rewards; and the boys by “at-a-boys” and trophies. The girls wanted to stay up late for the privilege of sitting in my office and talking or painting nails. The boys wanted to stay up late to have the privilege of playing xbox or pool. So if we were to generalize and sum up a difference between the genders, girls are relational creatures while boys are conquerors. In order to create appropriate parenting plans we need to know what makes them tick. This week we are going to unpack what it means to raise boys.


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