Over-Mothering Your Boy- Part 2

Yesterday, we discussed how it is easy to fall into the trap of over mothering your son. Like we stated boys have a God given desire to be conquerors or adventures. So how do we allow for that spirit while keeping appropriate expectations. If you think about it, there are some societal expectations that are unrealistic for some boys. Take school, boys having to sit still at a desk for long periods may be hard for them. So when your son gets home make sure he has time to get some energy out. If not there may be some behavior problems around dinner time from pent up energy.

To make sure that you are not hovering over your son make sure to clearly communicate your expectations and the rewards and consequences for behavior ahead of time. Then take a step back and allow him to choose. Utilizing your parenting plan is imperative to avoid the over-mothering trap. For more on creating a parenting plan, click here.


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