Protecting Their Eyes

This topic may be one of the biggest things to strike fear into a mother’s heart, well and the thought of their son behind the wheel of a car. We cannot deny the prevalence of issues like pornography in our society. The mainstream world has become a lot more accepting of pornography. It is loosing is stigma and in some places viewed as normal. With the invention of the internet and smart-phones we are in a time where it has become unbelievably accessible. There are even apps available whose purpose is to create a place for “sexting”. It is can be very overwhelming and make a parent want to bury their head in the sand. But for the protection of our sons we can’t.

One of the first things we can do as parents is to create boundaries. Computers should be in family areas like the living room and not the bedroom. Phones should be plugged in overnight, not in a bedroom. You can even put restrictions and passwords on things like Ipads and computers to protect younger children from wandering accidentally. The biggest thing we can do as a parent is teach them the “why”. Why fight this battle? If I don’t know the “why this is important”, I won’t go to the effort to fight it. We need to raise our children to love and serve Christ. This is “caught and taught” by the people closest to them, their family. God gives us the mandate and the how to do this in Deuteronomy 6:5-9. Take the time to read through this passage and think through how you can realistically apply it to your family.

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