Raising Daughters | Part 2


One of the big differences in raising girls and boys is the issue of modesty. Unfortunately today, women are still judged on appearance so there is a constant pressure to look and dress a certain way. This may be even more compounded for our daughters as they live in a world of more intense peer pressure and scrutiny. There have been so many articles written on modesty, especially of late. While we are setting up boundaries in our home for what is and isn’t acceptable, we need to remember that modesty is also a heart issue. Am I dressing for attention or to get social needs met, trying to fit in or make a statement? We need to help our daughters see not only what they are communicating by their dress but look deeper to the motive behind it. It may be as simple as everyone at school wears this. Either way we need to be helping our daughter process modesty not just enforcing rules on the subject. The goal should be to have a daughter who honors Christ in all things, one of which is how she dresses. We also as moms, need to remember that we are the representation of what a Christ follower looks like to our children. How are we role-modeling modesty?


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