Raising Your Child to be Financially Mature | Part 10

Raising Your Child to be Financially Mature | Part 10

Nov 21

The Series Wrap-up

What do I do if I feel like my child is just not getting the concept of how to deal with money?  As a parent, having to constantly repeat yourself can become very frustrating.  We have to remember that we are dealing with people not a computer, it is not a simple one time download.  Parenting is process oriented not result oriented.  We have to allow for the process to take time, not getting frustrated and giving up, if it appears as though something is just not sinking in.  In those times where it feels frustrating we must focus our efforts not on the discouragement, but on any small glimmer of progress.  When we see that glimmer of progress we must go crazy with praise for the child.  There are times when we may not feel the freedom to praise because the child has not reached the goal yet.  We have to keep in mind that part of our job as parents is to be our child’s cheerleader and encourager.  This will help through those times where it feels as though they will never get the concept.  Our encouragement and praise may just be the catalyst that makes that lesson sink in!


Listen to today’s podcast for more insight on training your child to be financially responsible.


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