Raising Your Child to be Financially Mature | Part 6

Encouraging Good Stewardship

Is it truly more blessed to give than receive?  For children this may be a hard lesson to get across if we their parents don’t live like we believe it.  Today we are going to talk about the concept of good stewardship.  Good stewardship is not just learning to be good with money it takes this a step farther.  It means learning to be Godly with our money.

The first lesson in stewardship, tithing, is easy to teach your child using their allowance.  Letting your child put aside some of their own money to give back to God on Sunday is very important. We must use this experience to communicate with our children the very essence of stewardship.  This is the fact that God as Creator owns it all and we are merely managers of what He has given us.  If we can continually remind our children, and ourselves, of this concept it helps us not only keep an attitude of gratitude but also of generosity.  As we give our children more and more opportunities to be generous with others they will begin to learn that it is truly more blessed to give then receive.

Listen to today’s podcast for more insight on teaching your child stewardship.