Chores and Allowance

Allowance and chores are both a great opportunity to teach your children what it means to be responsible within the family unit.  If we don’t attach a child’s weekly chores to their allowance we are teaching them that there are things that you do to simply contribute to the family.   As soon as a child is old enough they can begin with simple chores such as picking up their room and making their bed.  As they get older family chores can be slowly added.

One of the reasons to give children chores, such as taking care of their own bedroom, is to teach them responsibility and time management.  It is also good to continue to teach them life skills as they get older because we will not always be there to clean up behind them.  It is also a valuable lesson to teach that chores are done around the house simply to contribute to the family.  Adults don’t get “paid” to make their bed in the morning or do the dishes.  As we have been discussing over the past week, allowance should also be treated as an important training tool for teaching responsibility as well.

Listen to today’s podcast for more insight on teaching your child responsibility through allowance and chores.