Role Modeling Commitment Through Your Marriage | Part 1

The Impact Your Marriage Has On Your Kids

We have said many times that one of the biggest responsibilities of parenting is the constant reminder that we have little eyes watching everything we do. The choices that we make will shape our children’s lives and their future. Our topic this week is another area that will have a drastic effect on our children, that is how we live out our commitment to our marriage.

We live in a very consumer mentality society, which has seemingly snuck into every corner of our lives, including the family. Divorce has become commonplace instead of a rarity. The pain which divorce causes not only the couple but also the children is devastating. One of the reasons why this may be the case more today than ever is the fact that we look at marriage more as a contract between people rather then a vow or a covenant before God. We have also been deceived into thinking that love is a feeling. Love is not an emotional response to someone else, neither is it to be confused with the concept of romance. The word love is actually a verb. It is something that we live out daily. In other words, choosing to stay true to the covenant you made with your spouse before God is ultimately love. Serving your spouse even when you don’t feel like it, that’s love! So with this line of thinking you can’t really “fall in love” or out of it for that matter. Love is a choice. Choose to stay committed to your spouse today, this choice will have a major impact on your children and their future!


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