Why Commitment Is So Difficult Today

It is vitally important that our children are able to view our commitment to our marriage. This not only affects their current emotional state but their future marriage as well. But why is commitment so hard, especially on difficult days?

Culturally, we are not raised to have the focus of making someone else’s happiness our priority. Our focus usually is to make myself happy. We even usually take it a step further; if the other person is not meeting my needs then I look to get my needs met elsewhere. This is where we can leave ourselves vulnerable to affairs. Affairs can be more then just with a member of the opposite sex, who is not your spouse. An affair can be something you place in higher priority then your relationship with God or your spouse. For parents this can even be relationship with your children. It can also be getting your needs met by serving in your church or placing your job as a higher priority. None of these things, in and of themselves, are bad things to have as a priority but if you are placing them as higher importance then your spouse then it can effect your commitment to your marriage.

Make the choice to serve your spouse even if your needs are not getting met the way you would want them to be. Someone always has to be the one to make the first move, choose to emulate our Savior and serve the neighbor closest to you, your spouse.


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