Role Modeling Commitment Through Your Marriage | Part 3

Building The Foundation Of Commitment

As we have said this already this week the bottom line of commitment is choice. We make the choice to be committed to our marriage when times get hard. Emotions are fickle things and cannot be trusted, especially through those challenging seasons in marriage. That is why even if we do not feel like it we make the choice to love our spouse.

This level of commitment is such a valuable thing for our children to see, especially in a culture where it is rare. I have actually heard children ask their parents if the are getting a divorce after witnessing a disagreement. How scary for them to live with the thought that a simple disagreement is all it takes to dissolve a marriage. We need to live out our commitment daily in order to show our children what marriage means. Most of us took vows that said ‘in sickness and in health, until death part us”. Nothing in these vows says until I have “fallen out of love with you”. Like we said Monday love is an action not an emotion. Choose to live out the example of love for your children to see. Make the choice to serve your Heavenly Father by serving your spouse.


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