Role Modeling Commitment Through Your Marriage | Part 4

How To Commit To Your Marriage

One of the things that we need to assess as we are choosing to commit to our marriage is what we are indeed committing to? Are we committing to work through conflict, to fixing the other person or are we committed to the relationship and to God? This is a key question to ask oneself because the answer will affect the outcome of your commitment level.

We need to be committed to the relationship and ultimately to God. If we have committed to working through every issue then we will have a hard time dropping petty arguments that may not need to be addressed for the sake of peace. If we are committed to fixing our spouse then we do not give them grace as we work through things. Something to keep in mind on this issue is that it isn’t our job to fix our spouse it is the job of the Holy Spirit. We need to be focused on what is best for the relationship.

An area that will also help commitment is focusing on building each other up. This is helpful when there are times of disagreement. It will go so much more smoothly if you have spent more time building each other up then tearing each other down with disagreements. So, an easy thing you can do daily to live out your commitment is making the choice to say things to encourage and build up your spouse. It will be well worth the effort!


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