Role Modeling Commitment Through Your Marriage | Part 5

Reasons To Commit To Your Marriage

As an engaged couple, rarely do you hear how hard marriage truly is. The movies we watch generally don’t help us to have realistic expectations for marriage. We all arrive at our wedding day with hopes of the “happily ever after”. And it is for a while, or what we call the honeymoon stage. But what happens next?

The next stage of marriage can be referred to as the disillusionment phase. This is where a couple realizes that this could be more difficult then they thought. You may begin to wonder where that awesome guy or girl went that you had dated.

The next phase is called the misery phase. This is where we get stuck in our rut of disagreements over the same things day after day, or worse. Sadly many couples stay in this season of marriage because they are trying, ironically, to “keep peace” or because neither spouse is willing to make the first move to better the relationship.

The final stage is the stage where we have to make the choice to commit to the relationship. The reason we can have the strength to do this can only be found in a relationship with God. This is a spiritual decision. Choosing to love your spouse even if you don’t currently like them is some thing that is done through God’s strength. Keep in mind that God is the author of marriage and it is His will that marriage not only work but that they are awesome relationships. Why else would He compare His relationship to the Church as a marriage? So something that should give us encouragement, on the hard days, is that when we are praying for our spouse and our marriage we are praying in accordance with His will and He hears our prayers!


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