The Staff Meeting That Will Save Your Marriage

When we think about the concept of having a staff meeting to discuss parenting the thought may be overwhelming.  Most of our schedules are so packed it may be difficult to fit it in.  We have discussed several times just how important the staff meeting is in being on the same page as parents.

So just how do we fit it in?  There are many times where we have to get creative.  For the simple day-to-day parenting issues sometimes simply a phone conversation will suffice.  We can discuss simple issues as we are driving home from work.  For those more complex issues set aside a little (or a lot) of an evening where you have spent some time processing ahead of time.

We have so many communication tools at our fingertips we can get creative in how we fit in the staff meetings on parenting.  We just have to make sure to do it!

Listen to today’s podcast for more insight on using a staff meeting to select consequences that train.