Don’t Use Your Love as a Consequence

Unless we have a plan for parenting and consequences for poor choices it is easy to use our love as a consequence.  We feel unprepared to deal with behavior and that can make a parent feel frustrated and flustered.  We communicate that to our children sometimes not meaning too by using a hard tone or saying something we regret later.  If we take the time to prepare ahead of time we can use consequences that train and remove ourselves as the consequence.

The next thing we need to do after giving the consequence is, we need to make sure to restore relationship with our child.  Go back into your child’s room and sit with them or give them a hug.  Make sure you are not “punishing” them with your voice tone and with body language.  When the consequence is served it is done.  That way it truly is about the behavior and not about them as a person.  We will spend the rest of this week discussing separating the relationship from discipline.

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