Separate the Relationship from the Discipline | Part 3

Separate the Relationship from the Discipline | Part 3

Mar 11

How to Stop Yelling

Yelling is not an effective consequence.  You can literally watch a child who has been frequently yelled at glaze over when mom or dad starts yelling.  Its almost as if they are thinking, “if I can just wait this out then I can continue with what I am doing.”  If we apply it to our lives, it would not be an effective consequence for us either.  If we are consistently yelled at by a boss we consider that a hostile work environment and would begin to look for another job.  Just being yelled at by a police officer for speeding or running a red light would probably not be cause enough for most of us to stop these behaviors.  But we would think of filing a complaint.  If we would be angry at another adult for treating us this way then why would we treat our child this way?

Think about it yet another way. We would be very upset if we knew that a teacher, administrator or even another child was consistently yelling our son or daughter.  We would take action if another authority over our child berated them or called them a bad name.  However, if we do not have a plan in place for discipline then we open ourselves up to doing this to our own child.  I have heard parents at wits end say things like, “you are such a disappointment to me”.  Wow! I am sure that what they meant was “what you just did disappointed me or made me sad”.  The things that we say impact our children.  We don’t want the memories that they carry with them to be yelling or negative statements.  Take the time to come up with a plan!

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