Separate the Relationship from the Discipline | Part 4

Separate the Relationship from the Discipline | Part 4

Apr 20

How to Stop Yelling Part 2

One of the big lessons that we want to teach our children is impulse control, in order to do that we have to live this out.  If we are consistently yelling at our children we are not showing impulse control.   We cannot have a rule in our house of not yelling between siblings and then yell as parents.

If we are in the heat of the moment and get frustrated give yourself permission to take a time out.  If you are yelling at your children take a moment to calm yourself and then continue the discussion.  You may just need to step away from the situation for a moment to think of a proper consequence.  Have a set place for your child to be where you can stop what is going on to do this.  For instance have your child sit down on the couch and tell them you will be back in a moment to inform them of their consequence.

If you do yell, which we all will at times, take the time to apologize to your children.  This will also help to communicate to your child that this is not acceptable behavior.  Then sit down and get out in front of the consequences for the next time. This way you will be more prepared and won’t have to resort to yelling.

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