Drawing Your Spouse Into The Process

It is interesting that for the most part we marry our opposite. If not personality, then even the way that males a females approach things are extremely different. Chances are that one spouse is very goal oriented while the other may be more relational. How do we come together to establish common marital goals? Set aside time for consistent communication. It is very interesting that God chose to give us two ears and one mouth. He also allowed for that mouth to be able to be shut. The take away is that we should be doing at least double the amount listening then we do talking. This is especially true for the goal oriented spouse. Listen to what each other is truly saying or dreaming. What of those dreams should be added to the list of goals? Make sure to give yourselves ample amount of time to talk. This is why a “date night” is so important. It gets you out of the house into neutral territory to allow for these kinds of discussions. Take the time to truly hear each others hearts to process through marital goals.

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