What They Are And How To Get There -Part 2

We discussed yesterday that establishing spiritual goals is the first step to the goal setting process, but what are some other areas for goal setting? There are relationship goals. These are goals for how to make the relationship a priority. There are sexual goals. Setting aside time to continually learn each other and make the sexual relationship as a priority. Financial goals can be next on the list, getting out of debt, saving for the future, retirement, etc. Parenting goals need to be discussed as well. Finally, activities that you want to do both as a family and as a couple.
Now that we have a list of goals to work through, how do we take the next step? Set aside a time for an initial discussion. Like we said earlier this week, it can be a date night away from the house in a neutral environment or even a weekend away. Establish the goals then map out a plan of how to reach those goals. For example, the goal is to make the marriage relationship more of a priority. So what does that look like, a weekly date night, maybe an overnight trip once a year? The map will vary for each couple. Finally, set aside a time to check back on the progress made for reaching your goals.
Take time to make goals for your marriage, it will keep both spouses headed in the same direction.

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