Setting the Environment in Your Home | Part 1

The Difference Between Thermometers and Thermostats

We have an amazing power and responsibility, as parents to set up the emotional environment of our homes.   We are the caretakers of our environment, so we need to make sure that we are the ones who are dictating the emotional atmosphere.  Children thrive in an environment which is structured but communicates calm, fun, and love.  Our homes are to be a safe place for the whole family to retreat from the battles of the outside world.    It is very easy to allow our stressors or even our children to impact our emotions and therefore the entire home’s atmosphere.
As a parent I have vividly observed my children’s reaction to my emotions.  When I am tense or stressed, not only is it easy for me to respond poorly to them, but they can even pick up on and react to how I am feeling.  I have also had teachers tell me that when they were having an off day emotionally, the classroom behavior went downhill.  We also need to be careful not to allow our children to dictate the environment.  We must be the thermostat of our homes; not the thermometer going up or down depending on the “temperature” around us.
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