Setting the Environment in Your Home | Part 3

Implementing Peace

Let’s face it life with children can be chaotic.  With small children it can be the chaos of behavior and the mess they bring.  With older children the constant business and shuttling them places can create a whirlwind in the home.  There are many things that can bring peace to the home.  The first is the parent just taking a deep breath.  Like we have said all week we are the thermometer if we are feeling chaotic our home will reflect that.  First and foremost, make sure that you are taking time to ground yourself with making your relationship with God a priority.  Carving out time in your day for prayer and studying the Bible is imperative.  There is a reason why it is called “quiet time”.   Secondly, something simple such as taking stock of how you speak to those in your house goes along way to bringing peace to your house.  Setting the example of keeping a kind tone when giving an instruction and not giving in to frustration, will go along way.  As well as making sure not to constantly nag.  Having a parenting plan or making sure to utilize the I.C.E. plan will help take care of having to hover over your children “reminding” them to do things.  Finally, take inventory of your house to see what aids in the chaos.  Is it constant noise build up? For example, music, plus gaming, plus piano practice may make for a feeling of chaos.  Another thing that may detract from peace is clutter.  Having a rule such as picking up after yourself or only having one type of toy out at a time, may help the feeling of chaos. Like we have said earlier this week, know your triggers as a parent and help create an environment of peace in your house.

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