Using Sibling Rivalry for Training in Impulse and Attitude Control

Siblings are a great learning and practicing tool for marriage and coworkers.  Utilizing this for training in both impulse control and not allowing someone else to control our attitude is important.  We touched on how to do this yesterday.  Make sure you are consistently communicating what the other options to fighting are.  When you hear fighting from the other room you can take that moment to remind your children, as a warning for their behavior, what the right choice would be.  After the warning, if the inappropriate behavior continues then a consequence can occur.  By doing this you are reminding your children to use self-control or to control their impulses.  Immaturity would say to retaliate when someone does something to you.  Maturity would be able to look past it and deal with it appropriately.

The next thing we can utilize siblings for is to teach our children that attitude is a choice.  You can choose to let someone else’s actions control your mood or you can refocus both yourself and your mood.  Again in both of these training opportunities positive reinforcement goes along way.  This may mean more work for us as parents as we look for things to praise.  We also sometimes mean well and then get too busy to mention it when our kids make the right choice.  Take the time and effort to go crazy for good behavior; that sometimes speaks more loudly then consequences for the poor choices.


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