Don’t Just Manage Sibling Rivalry Train For Relationship

There are so many times that we get caught up in attempting to manage the fighting between our children we forget to give opportunities for relationship.  There are several areas where we can train our children to enjoy and ultimately serve each other.  This may not be something that comes naturally to our children so we need to look for opportunities to help them with it.  Make sure there are routine times for sibling fun in your house.  Game nights are great for family interaction.  Have a weekly “fun Friday” where you allow your kids to have a big slumber party in the living room with popcorn and a movie.  It is our job to create experiences to promote camaraderie in our kids.

Another area to focus on is training our kids to serve each other.  Look for areas where you can help one child serve the other.  For example, your older child has a big test to study for and it is their job to do the dishes.  Talk to your younger child and have them help you do the dishes for the older one.  Make sure the child is receiving plenty of praise from you as they help you do the dishes.   This is a great training opportunity that so often we miss.

Make sure that you take the extra time to create opportunities for fun and service.  It will go along way in helping your children’s relationship with each other.

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