Sibling Rivalry and Personalities

There are many aspects of parenting where our children’s different personalities may have an affect.  Sibling rivalry can be one of those areas.  If you have a child who is very sensitive you may be tempted to rescue them whenever they get their feelings hurt.  This may not help them in the long run, however.  If our job is to train our child for adulthood we may need to help our sensitive child learn how to cope.  There are obviously times we need to step in when picking on each other goes too far.  When our sensitive child gets their feelings hurt we may just need to take some time to talk them through it.   Many times they are getting picked on because of their reaction.  Teaching them how to cope will help them not only in the school years but also help them to not wear their feelings on their sleeve as adults.

The other child we can take extra time with is the child who is our leader.  Our goal should be training up all of our children to be future leaders but our first-born has been naturally placed in this role.  We can start allowing them areas of leadership.  As the oldest they will have more privileges then their siblings as they grow, so their responsibilities will grow as well.  Having a sense of ownership in their leadership role will help with the sibling rivalry we just have to guide them.

Take the time to come up with a plan for the different personalities in your home.

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