Signal Behavior | Part 3

Developing Healthy Communication Skills

Developing healthy communication skills is one of the most important areas of Parenting.  If someone can’t communicate what’s going on inside them they will find marriage very difficult. They will hide in a shell, medicate or explode.  As a parent we need to find the line of dealing with the behavior but making sure we are also training our child to communicate what is wrong.  We also cannot let them get what they want by means of negative behavior.

Currently, as I am writing this my three year old has started struggling with bedtime again. He has been getting out of his bed because he knows that mommy or daddy will have to come in to discipline.  He is seeking relationship and is communicating through his behavior that he needs one of us to be with him. This behavior has started again because he is working through being an older brother and having to share mommy’s attention with his two-month-old baby brother.  He doesn’t know how to verbalize these feelings, and may not completely understand that he is having them, so he is reaching out for relationship with his negative behavior.  We have to be very careful not to reinforce him getting up.  So we wait for a time where he is laying in his bed, doing what he is suppose to, at that point we can go back in to lie down with him to talk and reinforce how important he is to us.  Make sure that you are reading the signal behavior and not reinforcing negative behavior but teaching your child to communicate using it.

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