Signal Behavior | Part 4

Continuing Communication Training In The Teen Years

We’ve spent a lot of this week talking about signal behavior with younger children.  Acting out with temper tantrums and other negative behavior.  But what about when it happens in older children and teens?  This age also acts out when they are hurting but there are other things that happen as well.

There was a few ways to tell when one of our residential girls was in pain and didn’t know how to express it.  She would be mean to the other girls in the house, she would become sullen, or she would pull away and withdraw.  I had to train these girls that I was a safe place to come in and talk when they were hurting, so I had to read the signs and begin the process of helping them communicate through it.

I found that when a girl was really struggling to communicate finding a neutral turf was the best to get them to talk.  Either taking them out to lunch or even just talking when we were doing another activity, like playing basketball or painting nails depending on the girl.   Don’t allow your child to withdraw and more importantly don’t take it personally. Pursue your child and continue the communication training!

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