Why Is This Important?

The “instant pleasures” of life can have the potential to rob us of the “greater treasures” of life.  Learning delayed gratification helps a person invest now for their future.  It also helps teach how to make better decisions about the here and now, that I will be grateful for later on.  Learning the self-discipline of delayed gratification impacts, a teens ability to stay sexually pure until marriage, learning how to save money for the future, teaches a student to study now to reap the benefits later, and to plan ahead rather than live for the moment.

This is difficult because it doesn’t come naturally to us.  There is nothing in the current culture around us that teaches this discipline. We are a culture of instant gratification.  We don’t want to wait and feel that we shouldn’t have to wait.  Cultures past had consistent lessons in delayed gratification because they had to wait for everything from the growing of the crops for food, to the sun rising for light to begin their day.  Today’s parent has to be intentional to look for lessons in delayed gratification in order to teach this discipline to their children.  Check back the rest of this week as we look at how to teach this.


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