Taking Them From Instant Gratification to Delayed Gratification | Part 3

Taking Them From Instant Gratification to Delayed Gratification | Part 3

Mar 30

Teaching Disciplines They’ll Need As Adults

There are several disciplines that our children will need to know for adulthood and these are all disciplines that involve delayed gratification.  The first is teaching chores. Having a child do chores helps to teach that they are a member of a family unit.  This may mean putting aside what they want to do for a while in order to contribute to the family. Click here for more from the weeklong series on chores. Second is education. Learning how to study is definitely a discipline in delayed gratification. This is imperative for a college student who must learn how to balance the social scene, sometimes a job, and their studies. This leads us to the third discipline, which is time management.  Maturity is learning to balance time well, sometimes choosing to do what I need to do over what I want to do.  Click here for our week long series on time management.  Teaching sexual purity isn’t a discipline that ends with marriage.  In order to stay faithful to a spouse our teens must be trained to handle the delayed gratification of sexual purity.  Click here for more on teaching purity to your children. Finally teaching your child how to handle their finances is a very important lesson in delayed gratification.  Teaching a child how to pass up spending on small items in order to save for a future big item is a great and valuable lesson.  Click here for more on teaching finances.  There are many areas that are critical for success as an adult, take the time to make sure your child is prepared by teaching delayed gratification.


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