Why It’s So Important?

Today’s society has become conditioned for “instant life”.  We don’t wait for things to be made we go buy them.  We (usually) don’t make things from scratch, most of us don’t even know how, we microwave.  We don’t process things; we react.  This means that many of our children are missing out on the very important lesson of impulse control.

Why is teaching our children impulse control important?  Wars have been started, marriages ended, and lives ruined because of irrational reactions to things or failure to control impulses.  We need to train our children when they feel an impulse to do something or temptation stares them in the face they need to do a few things.

First they need to take a step back and analyze the situation.  Many times just taking a breath and processing will allow a child or adult to resist temptation. The second thing that needs to be done in the processing is weighing the consequences or ramifications of the action.  Learn to ask yourself, “if I do this what will happen?”

The most important thing that we can begin to train our children to do is to seek God about situations.  If we are always teaching our children to pray before taking action they are less likely to be impulsive.

Training a child to have impulse control can be one of the most important things that we teach them.  It has ramifications over many aspects of their lives from finances to marriage, and even employment.  Join us this week as we continue to discuss training your children in impulse control.


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