Teaching Impulse Control | Part 2

Teaching Impulse Control | Part 2

Apr 26

Where and When a Parent Begins

It begins now.  Any stage that a child is in can be training for impulse control.  Its no secret that a baby has the world revolve around them. Parents need to be constantly meeting that child’s needs because they are helpless and can’t care for themselves.   As soon as that infant cries a parent is trying to figure out what the need is and meet it, whether it is a diaper change, hunger, or simply the desire to be held.  As the child grows however we obviously teach them how to do things for themselves, as well as how to wait for things.  The two year old sometimes communicates that they want things “NOW” by throwing a tempter tantrum.  This is the beginning of the impulse control training.  We begin this training by not giving into the tantrum.  When we hold our ground we not only teach our child that the behavior is not acceptable, we are also teaching a lesson in self-control.

Teaching older children money management through using allowance and saving, is a great lesson in impulse control.  Helping children learn time management is another great tool for teaching this lesson.  Through every stage we can find tools and areas to help us teach our children the invaluable lesson of impulse control.


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