Teaching Impulse Control | Part 3

The Example We Set Is Very Important

Our example of how we handle impulse control in our own lives is key to training our children in this area.  It cannot be do as a say but not as I do.  Children are very good at noticing if our words and actions are not matching up.

In order to do a heart check on ourselves, we must ask “who is ultimately in charge of me?”  Is God truly in charge of my life? Or am I in charge? Or have I handed off the remote control of my life to the people around me, advertisers, media, my appetites, my urges or someone of the opposite sex?

The story of Joseph is a great reminder for us in Genesis 39 about how to control our impulses in the face of temptation.  Take time to reread that story and process how it can be applied to something that you may be facing right now.


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