Where Do We Go From Here

Begin by looking at your parenting style.  Ask yourself are you running around to meet their every need or deadline and rescuing them?  Or are you training your children to get control over their own needs and deadlines.

Teaching our children the skill of time management or money management is a invaluable life skill.  If we are rescuing our child at the last minute doing their science project for them, yes they may get the better grade today but what have we instilled for the future.  Not the lesson of impulse control.  Training in impulse control would have been helping them set up a time table for doing their project then making sure to help guide them when they are distracted by the computer, the Xbox or the TV.

Another type of parenting style doesn’t struggle with rescuing their kids they struggle with the rewards.  They expect their child to get up from the TV to go and do homework so it is hard for them to go crazy with praise when a child follows through with the responsible choice.  We have to remember that our children are not mini adults and we are in a training process.  This means that we allow them to make the choice, guide them don’t rescue, and go crazy as their cheerleaders when they do the right thing!


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