Why It’s Important to Teach Kids about Time Management

Today’s generation has so many things vying for their attention such as the internet, television, gaming and many others.  These things can be effective tools for learning and having fun but if not managed appropriately could be big time wasters.  If we allow our children to enter adulthood without knowing how to manage their time it can have the potential to effect so many areas of their life from household responsibilities, parenting, marriage and their job success.

Time is different from other things that we train our children how to manage.  Time, unlike money, is something that they will never get back.  You can make more money but there are only so many hours in a day.   Children in and of themselves are not usually time conscious but do thrive on a consistent schedule.  We can begin to train our children with time management by helping them have a schedule and stick to it.   This week we will be discussing how to train your children to be good managers which is one more key to their future success.


Listen to today’s podcast for more insight on training your children in time management.