Teaching Marriage to Your Children | Part 5

The Forth Leg: Intimacy

“Genesis 2:25  And the man and his wife were both naked and not ashamed.”

​This is not just physical intimacy ​but emotional intimacy. It is the freedom to be vulnerable. This means to be fully able to trust another person; to feel safe sharing your true self and accept each other without masks.

​But real intimacy can’t happen until the other three have been taken care of, first Severance, Commitment, Unity and then Intimacy.  ​Intimacy is the benefit of working on the first three. Remember, marriage takes work, and it all boils down to ​choosing to be married even in the difficult moments.  Decide to pursue this formula, sometimes circumstances force us to pull back and revisit the formula. Either way, make your marriage a priority, one you children will want to emulate!

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