Starting With Small Children

Raising small children in the digital age is a mixed bag. Although there are many more tools at a parents disposal for teaching, it is tempting to use devices as a digital nanny. We need to be careful to teach a child how to entertain themselves with out the use of electronics. They need to have the opportunity to think for themselves rather then have fun “thrown at them”. Yesterday we discussed how imaginative play leads to creativity and that leads to invention. I remember as a child having a refrigerator box to play with. Through the course of the day that box was a house, a school for stuffed animals and many other things before finally becoming a submarine. My brother and I cut out holes, and then figured out how to make a working periscope and finally painted our submarine. So our imaginative play led to invention. It was also such a fun memory I can recall it vividly decades later. Take the time to teach even your small children how to entertain themselves. It’s worth the training investment.

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