Using Christmas to Teach Contentment

One of the ways to teach contentment with what you have is by focusing outward.  When you are focusing on something other then yourself or the gifts that you are getting, then it is easier to be content.  An easy way to do this with children is by creating excitement for giving gifts to others.  A few months ago, we talked about having your child save their allowance for Christmas presents.  Depending on the amount your child has saved you can match their savings or a portion of their savings.  Set aside some time to take each child out individually to shop or split it up where dad takes the kids to shop for mom and visa versa.  Make that a special time where maybe you get up early, go out for breakfast and then head out to beat the shopping rush.  Remember that excitement is contagious so be careful not to communicate that this is just one more thing on the to do list.

Christmas morning don’t just make a mad rush tearing open all the gifts but take the time to enjoy each person opening a gift.  Allow your children to feel the excitement of handing the gift they bought to their sibling and watching their face as they open it.  The memories of learning to give are much more important to look back on as adults.  When we are beginning to turn the focus of Christmas from what is gotten to what is given, then we are training our children to be content.