Teaching Your Child to be Constructive, Not Destructive | Part 1

Why Is This Important?

It is easy to see how children can easily be destructive. Most tend to be messy and destructive by nature.  It is amazing to me how quickly my boys can create chaos in their room with in minutes of cleaning it.  Teaching your child to be constructive takes intentionality.  Toddlers especially enjoy making a mess and knocking over toys etc.  To them this is a learning phase, they are learning cause and effect and sometimes the sensory play of “mess” is important.  But there are things we can do to make it a constructive playtime.  Being destructive for the sake of destruction is something that our child needs to grow out of, with the help of training.  There are things that are destructive that can be learning tools.  Such as taking something apart to learn how it works.  When we are intentional we can take playtime and make it constructive.  We can even take some things that may be considered “destructive” and make a learning experience out of it.  Ultimately, teaching constructive play may be training in delayed gratification. discipline and vision for the future.  We will spend all week talking about how to teach this to your child, make sure to check back.