It Takes Time

Teaching a child to be constructive takes intentionality and effort.  Giving a child the patience training from building “things” is worth the effort.  For toddlers this can be the building of the tower to its full height before the joy of watching it fall down, for preschoolers completing the coloring page or play dough master piece, school aged children finishing the first chapter book or puzzle, helping our child complete these tasks take time.  By helping them with these seemly simple accomplishments, this constructive play is ultimately teaching them how to build for the future, on a small scale.  This is a very important adult skill; we build savings for a house and put into a marriage for the future of the relationship, etc.  Breaks from school and summer time are perfect opportunities to take on bigger projects with your child, such as a craft, longer book or building project to teach something constructive.  Make sure to set aside time for this in your schedule.