Where Does A Parent Begin?

We have given a few ideas through the week on where to begin as a parent teaching how to be constructive vs. destructive.  Think about the activities you do with your child.  Which ones develop constructive long term patience?  Which ones make, build or achieve something?  We talked about taking the time to build towers with you toddler who is itching to knock them over.  You can also start working on finger painting or coloring.  As they age you can use their interests to your advantage.  Things like trains, blocks, legos, and Lincoln logs are great exercises.  Both genders enjoy doing crafts, there are so many instructions and ideas on pinterest for crafts.  The key is take the time to find one that will peak their interests.  Including your child in the cooking process is another great constructive activity.  One idea that we did as a family is having a reading night.  When children are younger a parent can start a chapter book to read.  As children get older there can be a night set aside where each family member can enjoy their own book complete with snacks and hot chocolate.  Take the time to process through what constructive activities your children would enjoy.