Every Child Is Different

Let’s take a moment and reiterate that this isn’t about the project or completely about constructive vs. destructive.  It is all about life skills.  There are many things that take constructive input and patience, our faith, our marriage and even parenting.  These areas are completely about small steps and patience.

Because this is so important we need to remember that each of our children is different, possibly different genders and/or personalities.  This is one of the areas that we may need to use some creativity and where the being a student of your child will pay off.  Teaching this will take knowing your child.  What will peak their interest? Not every child is into reading, though every child can benefit from a family reading night, or puzzles.   You want this learning activity to be something that is a positive experience so they can fall back on the training during difficult times later on.  Look at the activities that your child is interesting and see if you can creatively apply this lesson.  Is it cooking, a building project, a science experiment, putting together a big Lego project, knitting or sewing?   Take the time to learn each of your children and what will help to teach this important life skill.