Working With Teens

The question of parents with teens is sometimes; what if I haven’t started this yet, is it too late?  The answer is a resounding… it is never too late!!  Teens are constantly faced with destructive behavior, from tearing each other down, violence in their culture and media, music, and some are even destructive to themselves. This stage more then ever may need a redirection to things that are constructive.

In order to teach the life skills of constructive input and patience, there are many areas we can look to.  Because they are older, a teen may be trusted to help with a household or simple car repair.  Teens can be taught to cook a whole meal themselves.  There are many projects that teens and parents can do together.  Mission trips are great for teaching these skills, as well as serving others.  Take the time to look for long-term projects that you can do with your teen.   Remember it’s never to late!