Why Do Parents and Churches Struggle In This Area?

We are constantly bombarded by images.  Images that would suggest a perfect family with perfect children, the “stock image family”.  The problem is these are only models acting for a picture it is not real life.  In real life family can be messy.  There are real life issues that are dealt with.  Today’s family may not look like the nuclear family of times past, it may include a single parent, step parents etc.

Parents, and churches, must move past the stereotype of what family should look like and apply faith to what their family is. Your family does not surprise God, and He doesn’t expect you to be like the stock family photo; air brushed and edited to perfection.  God loves your family the way you are.  Every family needs to develop their own rhythm, which works for them.  When you develop this rhythm, you can begin modeling/teaching an everyday faith for your children.  A faith that isn’t fake or compartmentalized but real, organic, and practical for your specific circumstances in life.


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